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Spoken English

Spoken English Classes

In this era of increasing proximity and decreasing geographical boundaries, Language ceases to be a barrier in Communication, in fact knowing more than one Language adds to the skill of an Individual. English has ceased to be a foreign language to India, instead the language has been assimilated into our daily routines and we have come up with what is increasingly being known as ‘Indian English’. Hence the excuse of being Unfamiliar in English Language and lack of proficiency is harmful to a person’s own interest.

Our Spoken English Coaching is aimed at making a person efficient in English Language in 2 scenarios:

  • Real Life situations (common, simple and basic interactions with friends, family, colleagues etc)
  • Professional Environment: we aim at making the person sufficiently competent and confident to communicate in English Effectively at his/her business environment.

After taking our course it will be easier for you to:

  • Translate your thoughts on paper with clarity.
  • Correspond more clearly with your colleagues through e-mails and Memorandum.
  • You will learn the 7 C’s of communication: Clarity, completeness, conciseness, correctness and courteousness, concreteness and Coherence.
  • Writing formal letters and essays at an expert level.

In real life situations:

  • Increased development of your Vocabulary
  • Increased knowledge of various expressions, idioms, proverbs etc.
  • Perfect Pronunciation.
  • Correct usage of words.

This program aims to teach more than the mere Grammar and theoretical rules of English Language. We believe in the art of practicing, after all a Language is learnt through speaking. Our classroom lectures are discussion oriented aimed at total participation of the students. Through various techniques such as Listening to Audio Tapes and Daily speaking on topics of general interest, we build in our students the necessary confidence to speak on a public forum. Our hard working faculty works assiduously towards negating each and every little scope of error and polishes the strengths of each and every student in order for them to reach their brilliance. We give daily practice assignments and Information is updated online at regular intervals to keep our students thinking powers ticking.

Call us today at 8146584099, 0181-5058452 and get your name enrolled in the most reputed and best Spoken English coaching institute in Jalandhar. Or Drop us a message, we will contact you soon.

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